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1. How much does hot-dip galvanizing cost?

The service of hot-dip galvanizing is charged in EUR/kg. The price is lower than the price of quality painting. It is not a fixed price but it drops with the massiveness of the elements. For more detailed information please contact our sales department.

2. Does a legal person need an order form with a frame description of material?

Yes, including an order from for transport, if applicable.

3. How long does it take to galvanize the material? 

We galvanize the material within three working days. If you make a previous arrangement with our sales department, it is possible to collect the galvanized elements the same day that you deliver them.

4. What size of elements can be galvanized?

We are able to galvanize very large elements: maximum dimensions of articles for galvanizing are 12.6 x 1.7 x 2.9 m (L x W x H). We also take care of galvanizing of very small elements, which we transport to a specialized galvanizing company to be galvanized in a centrifuge.

5. How to prepare material for hot-dip galvanizing?

Firstly, you can check the Selection and preparation of material on the INSTRUCTIONS site. » Check here.

6. Is it possible to protect the threads during galvanizing?

The external threads can be protected by a special adhesive tape, which can be bought at our company. The internal threads can be protected by temperature-resistant paint; the threads need to be cleaned, degreased and then painted. The paint must be dry before hot-dip galvanizing can be carried out. Please note that during hot-dip galvanizing the paint burns and as its ash can cling to other surfaces.

7. What is the thermal deformation of sheet metal?

The thermal deformation of sheet metal is hard to predict. It is more pronounced on larger and thinner sheet metals welded in a frame, on longer pipes welded from more segments, on asymmetrical constructions and on welded pieces made of sheet metals of different thickness. You can find more information under item 7 in Instructions for construction or contact our technology department.

8. How thick must the sheet metal be in order not to bend at hot-dip galvanizing?

There is no definitive rule. It depends on the thickness of the sheet metal and its surface. Thicker material and smaller surface mean smaller risk of thermal deformation. If the sheet metals or profiles with different thickness of walls are welded together, the risk of thermal deformation increases.

9. How thick is the zinc coating at hot-dip galvanizing?

The thickness of zinc coating is in average between 50 and 100 micrometers, which depends on the chemical composition of steel. You can find more information under item 11 in instructions for construction.

10. What is passivation?

Passivation is the procedure of special treatment of zinc coating to prevent the occurrence of white rust in the primary phase.

11. What kind of paint can be used on the galvanized material?

For the proper selection of paint, contact a specialized dealer for paints and varnishes. The surface of hot-dipped material should be prepared according to instructions of the manufacturer (free of dust and grease) and you should select a paint, suitable for freshly hot-dip galvanized surfaces.

12. What kind of truck you have and how much can they load?

Truck Tow truck
Length: 8,05 m 13,60 m
Height: 2,50 m 2,85 m
Width: 2,45 m 2,48 m
Load capacity: 3.700 kg 24.500 kg

13. Where do you transport the goods?

We transport the goods in Slovenia and in the neighboring countries.

14. Which are the advantages of hot-dip galvanizing?




Primary activity of the company Pocinkovalnica, d.o.o. is hot-dip galvanizing of steel, a method widely acknowledged as the most successful corrosion protection of steel. The company was established in 1997, while our tradition and experience in hot dip galvanizing reach as far back as the second half of the 19th century.

During this time we have become a successful, market orientated company with a significant market share on markets of Slovenia, Croatia and Austria, which ensures that we maintain a stable business position.

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